The First Will Be Last

Raise your hand if you aren't the only one who thinks it's a bit ironic — perhaps hypocritical — of Governor Tim Kaine to slam House Republicans and Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell for their opposition to "federal stimulus" money for increased unemployment insurance for laid off part-time workers, when the Kaine administration is the last — that's last — as in number 50 — state to apply for federal transportation funding (see Washington Post here). After all, here's the man who broke his campaign promise not to propose a tax increase and since has tried to jam two at us for the purported purpose of improving transportation. Even called a special session and had his PAC target certain House Republicans. But, here is the federal money his boss, President Obama, has made available, and he hasn't moved on it.

I suppose this makes Governor Kaine as much anti-transportation as he claims Republicans are anti-job creation. After all, he and his colleagues at the Democrat Governors Association poured millions of dollars into negative television ads against McDonnell under the premise that refusing additional (and budget costly) unemployment insurance is anti-jobs. Never mind that government deficits and higher taxes for this program are anti-jobs, perhaps the one thing in the "stimulus" bill that might create some is transportation construction.

And the first (to scream) will be last (in line). Maybe it is getting too difficult for the Mr. Kaine to serve both as governor and DNC chair.