There Is No Liberal Bias In The Mainstream Media, None! No Way!

Your friendly admin, astute readers of this blog may recall, is a big NASA fan, one who loves the history of the Space Race, the early days of manned space exploration and the Apollo moon landings. So, as you might expect, I tune into NASA-TV frequently. Today, while watching a news conference with the next Shuttle crew, I see the first reporter up, Bill Harwood of CBS News, wearing an Obama t-shirt! No joke! Not that I'm surprised at his ideology, but I am surprised at his audacity. I can't capture the still from the video (I need to download a program, which I may do in the near future for situations like this) but Harwood appears on screen only four minutes into the news conference and the camera lingers on him for a plain view of the shirt. See for yourself! Pause it and ponder at the wonder that is the Mainstream Media. Besides, it never hurts to support our space program.

While millions of Americans support our space program and take pride in our brave astronauts, Bill Harwood of CBS takes pride in supporting Barack Obama! See him at exactly 4:00.

(Personal note: A great unexpected pleasure two years ago while lobbying for TFF during the General Assembly was meeting Astronaut Chris Cassidy in a GAB elevator. I guessed he was an astronaut by his blue flight suit and we talked. Then, a very official looking woman asked if I would like his autographed picture and he obliged. He will make his rookie flight on this mission. He participates in this news conference.)