Virginia News Stand: June 12, 2009

We're the lead story, as you might imagine, as our challenge to Governor Kaine that he instruct his poverty commission consider fractured families the root cause of poverty, and to create solutions to said cause, got good traction in the media. The video and the print story from Charlottesville's WVIR-TV are different, so be sure to watch/read both. The Virginian-Pilot has excellent coverage as well.  Elsewhere, the Washington Post discovers that Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R-37, Fairfax), the Republican nominee for attorney general, doesn't compromise on his principles. Nice of it to notice.

In a tough call, we put an AP story on House Republican Whip Eric Cantor in the News section instead of the national section, just because . . . he's from Virginia? That's about it, although he also made international headlines with his comments. (How do you classify a local guy who's gone national?)

In the National News section, we have two it could happen to us stories. In one, look at what the New York legislature has become, with Republicans in the Senate there, so eager for power over principle, they've brought in two liberal Democrats in a "coalition" majority and are seeking a third — the sponsor of the bill that would legalize same-sex marriage! Can anyone say Senator Ralph Northam? (See part one of the New York saga here, if you haven't. Circuses are more dignified.) The good news is, the dysfunction has so paralyzed state government the same-sex bill may die without a vote, a local tax may sunset and some "reforms" (which may increase state spending) may never see the light of day. 

The second it-could-happen-here story in the national section also is scary, but for a much different reason: the Connecticut legislature wants to classify a Catholic diocese there as a lobby and make them register as such with regulators because the bishop and his flock had the nerve to rent some buses and visit them in session as is their constitutional right of petition.

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*Group Asks For Second Look at Va. Poverty Task Force (WVIR-TV/

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