Virginia News Stand: June 22, 2009

How about this? The first day back after a week off, and we lead the news. Actually, it's an editorial, and a surprising one at that. The Roanoke Times agrees with us on something! (Okay, try to ignore the sarcastic comment at the end and the misspelling of Delegate Bill Janis' name.) But the Times says we and our coalition are spot on in our contention that Governor Tim Kaine's poverty commission should emphasize a solution to family breakup as the primary way to combat poverty.  In other news concerning the governor, Virginia Republicans are calling for DNC Chairman Kaine to fess up about how much time he's spending and on whose dime he's doing his national party's work. Will this issue gain traction? We'll see when and if the governor acquiesces to RPV's Freedom of Information Act request. In the meantime, they've produced a ditty of a video about Governor Kaine's travels when, RPV claims, he should be tending to state business (click here).

In national news, we've included two articles on a brewing major issue — the so-called "hate crimes" legislation under consideration in Congress. It's a pretty sleazy bill, which goes easy on pedophiles, but tries to shut up Christians. Meanwhile, on a matter we've commented on with keen interest, the Anglican Church of North America has cemented its split with the Episcopal Church, and claims it is recognized as the Anglican Church in this part of the world by more foreign dioceses than the Episcopal Church. 


*Editorial: Marriage can be a safety net (Roanoke Times

With new Va. reforms, payday loans plummet (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Va. GOP wants records on Kaine's DNC duties (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Some Warner backers in Va GOP endorse McDonnell (The Daily Press)

Score One Against His Own Campaign Mentors (Washington Post)

Democrat announces bid to challenge Morgan Griffith (Roanoke Times

Va. Is Last State to Request Stimulus Funds for Roads (Washington Post)

National News:

Southern Baptists warned about hate crimes (AP/

'Hate crimes' bill focusing on wrong topic (

North American Anglicans welcome new members (AP/

Christian group barred from sidewalk handouts at Arab festival(AP/

Divorce case exposes minors to homosexual environment (