Virginia News Stand: June 24, 2009

Sorry for yesterday's News Stand today, but the last two days have been nutty for your friendly admin. Then, to top it off, I posted this yesterday just as my wireless connection decided to call it quits for the night. None of this should take away from some good reading. We'll have today's News Stand up later. Here we go: Just as we mentioned last week, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell's push to attract centrists (whether or not he himself is moving there) is sparking all sorts of conversations. The Roanoke Times and Daily Press take their turn today.

Speaking of the Times, could it be twice in a week it takes a conservative position? It's not quite The World Turned Upside Down, but noteworthy nonethesame. See its editorial agreeing with Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins' call for a FOIA request on Governor Tim Kaine's travel schedule and expenses (and who is paying those expenses) when he works his night job as Democrat National Committee chairman. Meanwhile, the state Republicans may have another issue with which to beat the governor over the head — the rising controversy over VITA. Two articles on that mess.

Finally, we have a commentary from Peter Heck on "diversity" when, really, this country was built by being the gumbo that is a melting pot; and a story the media and State Department aren't shouting too much about: Three Christian missionaries were killed by a released Gitmo terrorist. 


McDonnell makes push to the center (Roanoke Times

McDonnell and Deeds claim middle ground (The Daily Press)

Va. Official's Ouster Over Big Contract Investigated (Washington Post)

Kaine, Assembly Republicans at odds over management of IT agency(Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Student Democratic club survives at Liberty University (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Page Eyes Regulation Of Adult Businesses (Harrisonburg Daily News-Record)

Sex education goes full circle (Washington Times)

Editorial: Where did Gov. Kaine go? (Roanoke Times)

National News:

Former Gitmo detainee accused of killing 3 missionaries (

Teacher fired for conservative Web site (


America's disappearing unity (Peter Heck/