Virginia News Stand: June 4, 2009

The news is a very interesting hodge podge today. First, in Virginia, the self-described Mr. Nonpartisan comes out swinging at the new GOP ticket. Senator Mark Warner calls them names (very constructive) and says they are the "no" ticket. As in, all three voted against his largest-in-Virginia-history-tax-increase when Virginia had huge budget surpluses on the way. The junior senator apparently doesn't consider his "no" to banning partial birth abortion, education reform, spending restraint, letting people keep more of their hard-earned money, reforming VDOT, and the list goes on, as qualifying him as "Governor No." Elsewhere, the Dallas Morning News takes a look at the Commonwealth's upcoming elections; Nebraska passes a strong pro-life ultrasound bill, something we've tried to do here for years (elections matter); San Diego County apologizes to a pastor for banning his Bible studies (a story we mentioned here); New Hampshire's Democrat governor goes back on his pledge and signs a same-sex marriage bill; the Southern Baptist Conference is reconsidering its decades-long support of public education; and it's usually a good day when the ACLU loses — which it did recently in Florida — and it was. See why below.


Virginia as political laboratory (Dallas Morning News)

Warner blasts GOP ticket as the 'No' camp (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

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National News:

New Hampshire legalizes 'gay marriage' with religious protections (AP/

County apologizes for citing pastor's home Bible studies (AP/

The SBC and public education — what's next? (

ACLU picks on school district, eventually loses (

Nebraska passes strong pro-life ultrasound law (