Wear Or Where?

On May 16, we were one of the first blogs to pick up on something Governor Tim Kaine told fellow members of the Democrat National Committee, as reported in the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

I am trying to juggle two pretty challenging jobs. It's not an easy time to be a governor.

This, after assuring the public in January he could easily do both jobs. But his current humility and sought-for compassion appear in contrast to the fun he's having at someone else's expense (we don't know how much tax money is involved because he won't respond to Freedom of Information Act requests), travelling to several of the nation's hot spots — although not all of his trips are known since he hasn't disclosed his DNC itinerary, either.

Here's what he told the Florida Democrat Committee in Miami on May 30 (see video here):

We did have a good time today being here. We actually got two hours here at the pool. I mean, this (the hotel) is a nice place! I was walking out there with no shirt on and shades.

So, Governor Kaine has gone from doing his patriotic duty, to being worn down by the challenge, to having a blast pool side in Miami and other fun places, all within a few weeks. But, to be honest, he doesn't look any worse for the wear. Or should that be, "where"?