A World Without Men

On this blog, we often extol the phenomenal scientific breakthroughs of adult stem cell research and the numerous significant medical and scientific advances that such research has achieved. We also plainly and frequently dismiss embryonic stem cell research because it has produced not one advancement nor demonstrated a method to improve any malady or condition. Rather, the destruction of embryos for research is a convenient excuse to expand the culture of death by destroying the beginning of life. Until now . . . sort of. If you want to call it that — and it's a radical feminist's dream.

Some scientists in Britain (aren't British scientists the ones who gave us Dolly, the first cloned sheep?) recently reported what they consider a breakthrough from embryonic stem cell research, although numerous doctors and scientists remain skeptical: They claim they can create sperm from embryos (see Baltimore Examiner). (Also, see this other bizarre project Brits are undertaking.) 

Even if truly possible, it's at least 10 years away. But if it ever did come to pass, the reasoning goes, a woman can give up an embryo, have sperm extracted from it, and inseminated into her "partner," and a lesbian couple can have a child biologically (revel in the hope at the Socialist Worker).

Perhaps better, a woman could impregnate herself with herself. Supposedly. So, then, what need for men? As this ABC News Nightline report flippantly states, men cause all the crime, wars and automobile accidents, so good riddance.

Congratulations, then, to the loon-lefties out there who "feel" (and don't know) that embryonic stem cell research is the wave of the future — you've finally got your one scientific (extremely weird) "breakthrough" from embryonic stem cell research (if you can even call it that). We hope you are proud of the future it might bring.