ACLU Vs. Veterans

So, just how far are the ACLU and their anti-Christian supporters in the courts willing to go to rid our nation of its Christian heritage? Watch this video to see:

Unreal. We actually live in a nation where judges can order a cross to be covered up! Not exactly what these veterans fought for and watched their buddies die for. Go to for more information and to sign an online petition to keep the cross.

And yet, candidates for office continue to tell us that these silly "social issues" don't matter, are divisive and don't win elections. All that matters is the almighty dollar.

Well, Obama is taking care of that too. No money and no freedom. God bless America.

(Thanks to our friends at the Free Market Foundation and the Liberty Legal Institute in Texas for letting us know about this case. Kelly Shackleford, the ED at Free Market, is a great friend and has often provided wise counsel to TFF. )