Fimian Is In For Another Congressional Run!

We're not even halfway through the statewide and House of Delegate campaigns and we already have a race for Congress shaping up for next year. Republican Keith Fimian, who ran for public office for the first time and lost in a very competitive race last November to then-Fairfax County Board Chairman Gerry Connolly for Virginia's 11th district U.S. House seat, announced today he will challenge Connolly again in 2010. He writes, in a letter announcing his candidacy: 

Last year I campaigned for Congress on the platform of fiscal responsibility, opposition to corruption and the need to get our economy moving. Those issues are even more critical today.

Consider how Congress has gone out-of-control on spending:

» A staggering one year Federal budget of $3.6 trillion, nearly half of which ($1.7 trillion) will be financed by debt.

» $787 billion stimulus law that has done nothing to slow unemployment or spur economic growth.

» A cap-and-trade boondoggle that contains massive taxes that will hit Northern Virginia families.

The numbers are mind numbing. And that doesn't even include the trillion dollar health care bill being debated!

This Congress has blown through spending records without even reading the bills they are voting on! And the spending has not slowed the growth in unemployment. Rather, creating economic insecurity. Northern Virginia families are hurting and Congress has no answer but more spending.

Then he hammers Connolly. Several publications, despite the district's left-of-center leanings, consider it a swing district that the conservative Fimian can pull off, especially if the economy shows no signs of improvement. After all, in a bad year for Republicans in 2008, Fimian almost won. Thseat opened up last year when "moderate" Republican incumbent, Tom Davis, retired. You can read the rest of Fimian's announcement here.