Do Your Part And Make Way Old Folks

There are so many horrible aspects of the Obama administration- Congressional Democrat socialized medicine takeover, it is truly difficult to keep track. Yesterday, we examined the anti-life issues in this legislation: The proposal to pay for abortion on demand with taxpayer money, a dismantling of a prohibition that has had bi-partisan support for decades; and the stripping away of medical conscious protections for pro-life medical personnel, who would be forced to choose between providing abortions and birth control and their careers.

As scary as those provisions are, perhaps the most chilling aspect is the legislation's total disregard for the elderly. President's Obama's declaration that the elderly and terminally ill individuals will have to think of other options and choices instead of treatment is so appalling that after three hours of exhaustive Internet searching today, I cannot find any quality news reporting of it or video. It is either getting expunged or is was so disgraceful that his willing allies in the media have ignored it.

I first became aware of the comment last week on CBS News. However, unless I'm doing something wrong (and would love to be proved so) it isn't even on its Web site!

However, a chance search led me to a transcript of an interview Laura Ingraham conducted last Friday with Elizabeth Carpenter of the liberal New America Foundation think tank. (Ingraham was substituting for Bill O'Reilly on the O'Reilly Factor.) As part of the segment, she aired a brief clip of Mr. Obama's outlandish comment, reminiscent of former liberal Colorado Governor Dick Lamm, who once said the elderly have "a duty to die." Of course, he was rightfully pilloried. The "messiah" receives nary the justifiable derision.

This Ingraham-Carpenter interview is as much of the abominable presidential proclamation as can be found. The entire interview segment is below and Mr. Obama's video clip is toward the middle. Unintended consequence: It's great viewing the irrepressible Ingraham destroy her guest's logic (i.e., the administration's arguments) for socialized medicine in general, and she's dynamite when getting to the kill the old people part.

"Reform" implies fixing. The world's best health care is American and it may need tweaking, but not fixing. Democrat pollster Peter Fenn recently said American health care has been a problem since the days of Teddy Roosevelt and it needs to be fixed. That's why American health care has led to ever-increasing life expectancy, wiped out diseases, muted others and developed technologies and techniques to prolong life and its quality. What's only thinkable one day becomes doable the next.

What liberals mean by "fixing" is rationing. Which is why "the anointed one's" do-away-with-the-old-people approach is an admission that, despite his demagoguary to the contrary, "reform" means rationing. Why else encourage the elderly to consider death but to make room in the doctor's office for others? That philosophy is consistent with liberalism that views everything as a Malthusian zero-sum-game, whether it's the creation of wealth, the environment or even human life. Only enough medicine to go around, you see, so make way old folks.

Laura Ingraham defends medical freedom and exposes the motivations of government control health care. The real "right to health care" is the ability to make your own decisions.