More "Tolerance" In The Age Of Obama

From Concord, North Carolina, we have this: A kiosk vendor, who trades as Free Market Warrior and sells conservative swag at one of that state's most popular malls, is getting kicked out for practicing his freedom of expression rights by displaying three bumper stickers and a t-shirt with anti-Barack Obama messages. Mary Curtis, who has the story at Politics Daily, calls it the Battle of Concord — Mall. It's led to protesters at, and boycotts of, the mall. Meanwhile, the vendor, Loren Spivak, is selling his t-shirts and stickers, including those with pro-life messages, faster than a hungry Tar Heel can scarf down a BBQ sandwich. But the kibosh of the First Amendment doesn't stop there. From Curtis, herself:

Mall offices were closed on Sunday, according to the security guard who eventually shooed me away for reporting without permission. ...

A letter to the editor published in the Charlotte Observer started the controversy. It read, in part:

While freedom of speech is a Constitutional right it's difficult not to believe that something just isn't quite right here.

It's not surprising. In fact, it's the leftist-liberal canon — very much like "health care reform" — you do whatever you want except for what we say you can do.