MSNBC Really Does Have Cooties!

It's a well-established fact that MSNBC stopped pretending to be a news organization some time ago (it never was) and became and out-and-out left wing propaganda organ. With some of the freaky and scary people it has hired as "hosts" or "anchors" many often joke about catching some leftist mind warp disease just by peaking in. As it turns out, going online and getting exposed to MSNBC really does impart some type of malady! If you noticed something different about our blog today — below the post below this one, the headers are bigger and green, and further down the copy spreads out the width of the screen, throwing some things off center — the only explanation is the MSNBC video we embedded into the post below: Without it, everything is normal. On the next page, everything is normal. With it, things look a little screwy (real science — trial and error).

Conclusion: MSNBC really does have cooties! We could delete the video and put in a link to it instead. But since the format will eventually readjust to normal as more posts are made we figured we'd leave it as is to offer proof positive that, in fact, you better not get too close to fanatic-left-wing talk television, online or on the tube. It really might make you sick.