Truer Words . . . From Unsuspecting Mouths

You never know where you're going to get a blog post idea and the more surprising the place, usually the better they are. Best is when you find them in something relating to another passion, where you can combine two great interests. Tuesday night, I watched my normal helping of soccer news on the nightly GolTV News as it covered Major League Soccer champion Columbus Crew go through the ritual champions fete at the White House. The video clip showed the Columbus owner handing President Obama a Crew jersey, where upon anchors Pablo Alsina and Andres Cordero engaged in an exchange, with one wondering what position Obama would play were he a soccer player. The other anchor replied:

"Probably a playmaker — they say he likes to distribute."

Contrast that to the suck-up job Fox baseball announcers Joe Buck and Tim McCarver (see YouTube) — part of the sports version of the Mainstream Media —shamefully exhibited with the president during the All-Star Game that same night. But rest assured, when soccer anchors get it, the whole country is getting it.