Unborn Memories

A new study published in the July/August edition of the journal Child Development says that unborn children have short-term memory capabilities at 30 weeks gestation. Researchers also found that 34-week-old unborn children are "able to store information and retrieve it four weeks later." 

Science advances the pro-life cause yet again. 

Once again, science is proving what pro-life Americans have always known — that unborn children "are members of the human family." According to the Washington Times, NARAL Pro-Choice American did not respond to requests for comment. Of course, as with the science that shows that unborn children feel pain, they will dismiss the science as irrelevant or misleading. 

But reasonable, thinking Americans everywhere are catching on. Science is advancing the pro-life cause faster than any politican could dream. The question is, will the politicans ever catch up with the science?