Virginia News Stand: July 14, 2009

Today's News Stand is short on Virginia news, so we've drilled around for a plethora of outstanding commentary to supplement some important national news. All are highly recommended. Here's a peak at the content of some because it isn't readily apparent by the headlines: In the National News section, the Washington Posthas coverage of the Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearings, while the AP tells us that the Episcopal Church doesn't really care about its schism. Expect to see further splitting up of that denomination.

In Commentary, Marcia Segelstein writes wisely about parenting, while Jeremy Wiggins reports on truly disgusting things school children are taught in Britain as part of its nationalized health care. Is this what we can expect under ObamaCare? Speaking of the POTUS, what about his meeting with Pope Benedict? He had a lot of chutzpah telling the Holy Father he wanted to reduce abortions. How did lightening not strike? Speaking of religion, the Methodists hope to attract the 25-34 set with ads in Times Square — touting the environment. True.

David Limbaugh looks at the thrashing those compassionate liberals are putting Frank Ricci through. He's the firefighter Judge Sotomayor denied promotion to until she was overturned by the Supreme Court. Ken Connor takes a look at Obama and abortion, while Peter Heck, whose column we've linked to here before, debates the president of a group called Freedom From Religion, one that needs our prayers more than most. It's a short video and worth the look. Enjoy.


New loan program for state workers wins praise (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Deeds reports raising $3.4 million in month (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

National News:

White House Looks to Include Same-Sex Unions in Census Count (Wall Street Journal)

The Culture Wars' New Front: U.S. History Classes in Texas (Wall Street Journal)

The Scene: Culture Wars Intrude on a Day of Cordiality (Washington Post)

Episcopal Church to affirm 'gay' clergy (AP/


A Personal Inequity(Thomas Sowell/

Who's in charge here? (Marcia Segelstein/

Britain's National Health Service — Abandoning Purity For Pleasure (Jeremy Wiggins/American Family Association Blog)

Obama vs. Pope Benedict XVI — Round 1 (Jeremy Wiggins/American Family Association Blog)

Calling Balls and Strikes on the Supreme Court(Bobby Eberle/

Methodists Ask People to Rethink Church Via Times Square (American Family Association Blog)

Hell Is For Heroes (David Limbaugh/

Cap-and-Tax: Government vs. America (David Limbaugh/American Family Association Blog)

Change: But In What Direction? (Ken Connor/

Video Link:

Peter Heck Debates President of Freedom From Religion (American Family Association Blog)