Virginia News Stand: July 16, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations Cash Race And Apple War

The A&E is quick and the News Stand is only mildly robust on Apollo 11 Anniversary Day — it's been busy and productive today, if you haven't been able to tell — and now I have to be somewhere. But today's headlines are pretty self-explanatory: The campaigns now are in as much in a race for cash as for votes; while another poll, another McDonnell lead. "Apple-gate" officially starts (see yesterday's News Stand) over whether Governor Tim Kaine, because he's paying too much attention to his DNC duties, lost Southside Virginia 3,000 Apple Computer jobs to North Carolina. Meanwhile, The Daily Press reports on the Obamacare noon protests tomorrow at the district offices of Senators Mark Warner and Jim Webb.


Bolling and Shannon lead opponents in cash race (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Deeds' big donors outraise McDonnell (Washington Times)

GOP blames Kaine for losing Apple (Washington Times)

Gubernatorial candidates about tied in poll (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Protests of health legislation Friday (The Daily Press

Lieutenant governor hopeful visits (Winchester Star)

National News:

Supreme Court Nominee Is Elusive About Abortion and Other Issues(Washington Post)