Virginia News Stand: July 22, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations Special Session Edition: Governor Agrees With Cuccinelli — Again!

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell released his transportation plan and Governor Tim Kaine releases his DNC records. That makes for quite a day. Adding to it, the governor now is expected to call a special session of the General Assembly so Virginia can come into legal parameters when dealing with government prosecution witnesses as stipulated by the recent Melendez-Diaz decision. Strike one for Senator Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican Attorney General candidate, who was the first to call for a special session. Although it's an easy fix, waiting to do so will endanger prosecutors' cases until the constitutional changes are made.

There are those who questioned Senator Cuccinelli's criminal law background, but he has been on top of this issue more so than those who expound upon their own expertise. Guess who opposed the idea of a special session? His Democrat opponent, Delegate Steve Shannon — as was Kaine. Kaine also signed Cuccinelli's spending transparency bill, even made it better with some amendments. One might think he's helping . . . nah. Just shows that knowing the Constitution trumps a lot of empty campaign showtime rhetoric.

In some refreshing news from an Episcopal diocese for a change, the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia will continue to refuse to marry or bless same-sex couples. Hopefully, this isn't a transient idea, but one it realizes is grounded in the truth. 


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