Virginia News Stand: July 29, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations They're Out Of The Gate . . .  

The SurveyUSA/WDBJ poll sure is bound to flare up a controversy based on its accuracy. Republicans are bound to take glee and use it to fire up the troops, demoralize the opponent and raise money. It's wait and see as to whether any other non-partisan polls substantiate it. Tomorrow, from the Dems, expect the the familiar refrain of any side that's behind, to say, "We have our own polls and they show it even. ..."

In other news, could a quick and easy special session blow up? Meanwhile, takes a look at divorce and its damages, even its long term implications after a re-marriage. Finally, in what may be the cutest little thing ever done by two members who retired after seeking renomination in a hotly contested election year, Delegates Kris Amundson, a Northern Virginia Democrat, and Chris Saxman, a Shenandoah Valley Republican, co-pen a "what we learned in the House of Delegates" column for the Washington Post.


News7 Poll: Republicans leading in all statewide races (WDBJ-TV/

Poll: GOPer McDonnell Has Big Lead in Virginia Gubernatorial Race (

Stolle Threatens Special Session Filibuster (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

Goode won't seek GOP nod (Martinsville Bulletin)

Va. ranks 17th in per-pupil spending (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Shields begins campaign to unseat O'Bannon in House (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

National News:

Divorce takes health toll that remarriage can't heal, study says (


What We Learned in Richmond (Delegates Kris Amundson and Chris Saxman/Washington Post)