Virginia News Stand: July 30, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations It's Them Southerners Again!

Several articles of note today and I hope you can get to them all. First, as the AP reports, yesterday Rev. Jonathan Falwell gave the invocation at the House of Representatives "in Jesus' name," something his fellow Virginians in the state police chaplain corps can't do right now. (See the video we posted yesterday, here.) Speaking of the House, it seems the self-fabled "Blue Dog Democrats" prove again to be lap dogs for their left-wing leadership. There's an attack ad in there, somewhere. But it's not much better for Republicans who, in New York, have nominated a pro-homosexual marriage, pro-abortion candidate for a vacant House seat.

Meanwhile, another RINO, U.S. Senator George Voinovich (R-Ohio), derisively says the GOP has been "taken over by Southerners." (See this video, here, as well as column in Commentary.) I guess he doesn't want to be associated with extremists such as the nurse forced to perform an abortion against her beliefs and the tens of thousands who are lobbying against taxpayer funded abortions in the "health care bill" he most likely supports (see both in Commentary). Yeah, Republicans like that. Mean, horrible people, them right-to-lifers and Southerners.


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Democrat Carter Turner announces decision to challenge Del. Morgan Griffith (Roanoke Times)

Falwell boldly delivers House invocation in Jesus' name (AP/

National News:

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