Positive Storm Clouds Over Fredericksburg Today

What happened today in Fredericksburg is nothing short of a developing "perfect storm" for the secular progressives who would desire to push God forcibly out of the public square. The Family Foundation and Pastors For Family Values are two powerful pressure systems coalescing in the Commonwealth: Law and ecclesia are coming together to partner in producing a force large enough not only to hold back the tide of cultural relativism, but also to turn it.This forcible combination was seen in fellow pastors challenging and lawyers training a room full of pastors at the Fredericksburg Expo and Convention Center. Pastor Jonathan Falwell of Thomas Road Baptist Church started the day by reminding pastors that: 

We have been losing the battle because we have not stood shoulder to shoulder and shield to shield. We the people, endowed by our Creator, must stand up!

Alliance Defense Fund Attorneys Kevin Theriot and Erik Stanley instructed pastors that:

Churches are not encroaching on politics, but rather politics are encroaching on the church. ... We are not going to change the culture by winning [legal] cases. We are going to change the culture through the churches.

They then explained to pastors how they can partner with the Alliance Defense Fund in their current Pulpit Initiative, something pastors can learn more about by clicking here.

The pastors assembled also were treated to Pastor Ron Gallagher's light-hearted promotion of a great tool for building a Biblical worldview available from Focus on the Family, The Truth Project. You may not be able to experience Ron's one-of-a-kind illumination of this great tool, but you can discover more about it here. We'll give pastors more information about this exciting partnership between TFF, PFFV and the Truth Project in coming weeks.

Dave Wiedis, Founder and Executive Director of Serving Leaders Ministries, reminded pastors that God neither wants us to burnout nor flameout, and how pastors can avoid both. Finally, we were called to action by Bishop Harry Jackson, of Hope Christian Church, who said that to be effective in this important cause of advancing biblical principles pastors will have to:

...live right, do right, move right, pray right, and speak right.

Now, The Family Foundation and Pastors For Family Values enjoy seeing pastors encouraged and stirred to make a difference, but a lot of groups can get people fired up, only to leave them with no direction. We, however, know where and how to direct pastors to make a difference. We completed the day by promising and delivering practical tools such as General Assembly Report Cards, voter registration kits, voter guides (available in October), as well as continued support for pastors as they move this process forward in their communities and congregations. No pastor in the room left not knowing what to do next.

It was an exciting day to watch the storm clouds gather, and know that those clouds have the power to refresh and revive a dry and dusty culture!

If you would like more information on any of the tools or resources that were offered to our pastors in the Fredericksburg area today, then e-mail john@familyfoundation.org or call 804-343-0010.

Don't forget there are a few more pastor events left this summer as we travel the Commonwealth in support of Winning Matters 2009. Find out if there is one near you by clicking here for tffaction.org.