Believe What The Liberals Say!

It is perplexing that voters don't want to believe what the extreme left admits about their own policies. Of course, they will, when necessary, obfuscate what they believe to appear "moderate." But during the campaign last year, Barack Obama said he wanted "to spread the wealth around," yet no one wanted to believe that he wanted to "transform America" into a socialist economic model, even though those phrases are right of the socialist playbook. He even wrote in his autobiography that in college he chose as his friends Marxist students and professors. We all know about his adult friends in Chicago. But still, there were those who insisted he was a "moderate" who wanted to cut government spending.

Now, we have the ultra-left winger, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), chairman of one of the most powerful committees in Congress, telling a supporter of the single payer health care system — that is, government-run health care — he wants single payer but doesn't have the votes for it. Instead, he says, let's fool America with a "public option," let it grow, then go for single payer later.

Earlier this week we posted a statement from Rep. Frank, again, right from the extremists' redistributionist lexicon. Now we have the video of him speaking plain and clear. Warning: Believe what he says they will do!

First things first. Barney Frank elaborates on the virtues of incrementalism needed to achieve socialized medicine to a leftist zealot who wants it all now. Warning: Believe what these guys say they will do.