Creigh On Abortion, Part Deux

Last week Democrat candidate for governor Creigh Deeds thrust the abortion issue into the race for Virginia's top spot by proclaiming his support for abortion loudly and clearly at press conferences beginning in NOVA. This weekend, while speaking on a religious radio program in Hampton Roads, Creigh was, well, not so bold.

Our friends over at Bearing Drift have the audio clip where Senator Deeds seems to imply that only women who are "poor or desparate" choose abortion. Not a line he used while addressing his friends at NARAL and Planned Parenthood last week in NOVA. I wonder how they feel about Creigh's new message? Last week he "trusted" women to make the "choice." This week its only the "poor" or "desperate." Next week?

Interestingly, Creigh's apologists on the Washington Post editorial board seem to suddenly care about the abortion issue once again. After claiming so many times in recent years that its a non-issue in elections, they are suddenly concerned about Bob McDonnell's abortion record.  

Perhaps the Post should send Creigh his talking points this time, instead of the other way around?