Deeds: Favors Homosexual Marriage, But Marriage Should Be "Between A Man And A Woman"

Researching on YouTube a little whole ago, I stumbled upon this video posted two months ago by someone with the handle of tbw223. It's of Democrat gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds rationalizing his newfound public opposition to the Marriage Amendment even though he voted for it twice in the General Assembly. He says, that to him, marriage is between a man and a woman. However, he says, the Marriage Amendment is discriminatory. If you think that's a twist, earlier this year, in an effort to get as far to the left as possible to win the Democrat nomination, he plain said the Marriage Amendment was a bad idea. He said it was the worst vote he ever cast and would do it differently if he could. It's on video, here!

Now, in this new video, he makes no mention of the policy angle. He, instead, rationalizes that he simply wanted to put it on the ballot because the people deserved to have their say. But he can't adequately explain why he voted against putting other constitutional amendments on the ballot so we voters could have our say on those issues. It's a pretty amazing interview. If this was verbal Olympic gymnastics, Senator Deeds would have fallen off the balance beam.

Senator Deeds fails in the Virginia Olympic gymnastic trials in the "Explain Your Marriage Amendment Position" event.