Doing The Math

We know math isn't always liberalism's strong suit (Jody Wagner comes to mind), but it is essential to comprehend numbers, especially when you are trying to take one-sixth of the world's largest economy out of the private sector and into the fold of a behemoth government beaurocracy. So, President Barack Obama rebukes critics of his socialized medicine plan when they rightly claim it would lead to health care rationing. He says there is no language in the legislation that mentions that. He may be right, but he doesn't need words to accomplish that. It's all in the math.

By its own admission, the president wants to insure the "47 million in this country" (not necessarily all citizens, notice the word play — again) with the "public option." But when the net gain of new doctors is negligible each year, and I don't remember when there has not been a nurse shortage, how are all these 47 million new people going to get the treatment for every niggling sniffle they no doubt will seek since the "government" (i.e., you and me) is paying for it, without overloading the system and causing a rationing of services?

Deceptive English, all right. But (intentionally) lousy math.