Known By Your Friends?

The only person running for statewide office this year who doesn't have a voting record from the legislature is Democrat candidate for Lt. Governor Jody Wagner. While every other statewide candidate has spent time in the General Assembly, some compiling vast voting records on any number of issues, Jody is a bit of a blank slate on anything other than economics (some may argue she's a blank slate there to, but I digress). Of course, we at The Family Foundation hope that she will complete and return our candidate survey so that we can provide Virginians with voter education materials that fill in some of the blanks regarding her position on issues other than the state budget (you know, those pesky little distractions like abortion, but hey, since Creigh brought it up ...).

Until then, we can only go by public comments and appearances. Thus, we find it revealing that next Thursday, Ms. Wagner will be headlining  "the annual Summer BBQ Fundraiser for the Virginia Partisans Gay and Lesbian Democratic Club." According to its Web site, this group seeks to, well, read it for yourself here.

Now, one cannot assume that being the headliner at an organization's event automatically means that they endorse the organization's agenda, so I wouldn't presume to put words in Ms. Wagner's mouth. But when we really don't know where a candidate stands on any issue, we certainly think it's appropriate to point out with whom they like to spend time and for whom they like to raise money.

Now, you can draw your own conclusions.