Liberal Example Of "Honest Dialogue"

Don't you love it when liberals talk about "honesty"? It's even better when they claim to know it all, despite any and all practical experience we peons who actually live it and work it everyday have. It's called arrogance. During the presidential campaing last year, when a reporter earnestly stated Barack Obama's lack of experience (less than four years in the U.S. Senate) a liberal hack shot back, "But he's talked about these issues for two years campaigning, now." Wow! That sold me!

In the 73rd House of Delegates district campaign (Henrico County and a sliver of Richmond), there's something similar going on. Democrat challenger Tom Shields, who teaches "Leadership" at the University of Richmond, and once worked for extreme liberal Congressman Bobby Scott (D-Va.), claimed in a speech that incumbent Republican Delegate John O'Bannon "has never held town hall meetings, gone door-to-door, or even had a district office."

Now, putting aside that even the most incompetent elected representative on any level does these things, which should have given Shields pause, he nonetheless proceeded to lambaste Delegate O'Bannon over a complete fiction, despite all the physical evidence to the contrary — sort of like saying, "I don't know the facts of the case, but the Cambridge police acted stupidly."

Nevermind that Shields apparently wouldn't know if the video tape of the town meetings hit him in the head or the building of the district office landed on him, since he's only lived in the district for two years (see Virginia Right). More reason this liberal "academic" should think before he speaks, and more reason for us to rethink what our students are learning in college these days and the quality of education they are getting if someone cannot discern simple facts.

But there's another, more dangerous aspect in play here: It's the continuation of liberal redefinitions, despite what all facts say. If a liberal wants your voting record, your past, your actions to mean what he or she says, it's going to mean exactly that in his or her discourse. With all facts to the contrary, we're sure this extremely liberal candidate, this man who claims his campaign is about "honest dialogue," and who is supposed to impart to young people what "leadership" is, will continue to repeat these lies.