Maybe He Can Apply For Some Stimulus Money

In the ongoing category of You Never Know Where You're Going To Find Blog Material, I found the following story from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. As an aviation fan. I get its daily e-mail news digest and have "banked" this article until I had a chance to get to it. Now that President Obama is on his Marxist Martha's Vineyard vacation, the time is now. It seems that, as anxious as the president is to help all Americans emerge from the recession — in fact, he says we're emerging from it despite massive unemployment and shrinking GDP (Forbes), go figure — he is directly at fault for ruining one man's business. You see, Mike Creato of Classic Aviators, whose company provides aerial tours in vintage bi-planes, cannot fly while the POTUS is in town. The airspace is restricted for security reasons. The business, which runs during the very narrow window of the Martha's Vineyard summer season, about eight weeks, is expected to lose about 15-20 percent of potential days of operation — and he was barely breaking even to begin with.

From the Vineyard Gazette:

Mr. Creato said the biplane business, which offers a range of sightseeing tours of the Island, grosses $200,000 to $220,000 during its three-month opening season. The business failed to turn a profit for several years, and Mr. Creato said those working in the business do not take pay, aside from for time spent in the air.

“It’s a labor of love,” he said, “particularly in this economy. Will it mean the end? It’s hard to say. Will it contribute? Absolutely.”

So, while Barack Obama is partying with the haughty, playing golf and eating courtesy of renown chefs, he's putting out of work an earnest, hard working man and his employees, who only want to do for a living what they love, and not get rich. Of course, this president probably wouldn't see the problem and would be perplexed at Mr. Creato's despair. After all, he must assuredly be eligible for some "stimulus" grants, right?