Obama Goes Postal In Making The Case For Nationalized Health Care

It was almost too good to be true: It's become a cliche, that "If you want medical service as good as the post office handles the mail, let the government do it." It's an argument opponents of government-run, nationalized health care have used for years. Any proponent of socialized medicine knows that those two words — post office — scare Americans more than Friday The 13th movies, and to never use them as an example of how the government can help improve lives. But there he was, the "anointed one," the "smartest man ever," "Mr. 57 states" himself, walking right into it! In an attempt to assure Americans that a government run "public option" would not crowd out private insurance, he pointed to the fact that FedEx and UPS clean the Postal Service's clock.



So, without further adieu, here's the president, in an attempt to deceive America that his plan is not socialist and will work better than what we have today, yet not eliminate private competition, refute his own self in 23 seconds. If only he explained, as with the post office, what days of the week medical service won't be available under his goverment-run plan! 

Going postal: In an attempt to make a point, the smartest president ever makes the case against his own plan with a well worn cliche opponents use.