Senator Webb: No Town Hall Meetings Because It's "A Lot Of Screaming"

Wonder why Virginia's senior U.S. senator, Jim Webb, hasn't scheduled any town hall meetings across the commonwealth for constituents? He doesn't think we, the people — the voters — can add much to the health care "reform" debate. Nevermind that most people who attend these meetings have read more of the bill than most lawmakers (see John Conyers' admission, here). In fact, he calls us a bunch of "screamers." This is what he told The Daily Press today:

As to why he hasn't had town hall forums on the issue, he said, "Frankly, I don't see a lot of views being exchanged. I see a lot of screaming. I see a lot of YouTube moments."

Now, that's productive . . . and the pols want to know why the people are so frustrated at the ramming of unwanted legislation down our throats. To his credit, however, the senator wasn't all praise for President Obama, either.

. . . Webb said he was disappointed with how the health-care debate has shaped up. He said the administration should have put forward its idea and then followed that up with hearings. Because that hasn't happened, "We have five different versions bubbling up from five different committees." 

That's a good point. We wonder, however, who will take Webb's criticisms better: his constituents or the president?