This Speaks For Itself

There are probably thousands of remarkable videos on YouTube and elsewhere from town hall meetings around the country with Americans of all types standing up for the founding principles of this country, or at least for some practical commonsense. We can't keep up. However, when we become aware of a particularly noteworthy video, we like to share it. Likewise, because the socialized medicine debate is moving at a speed unlike anything in this country's history, it is almost impossible to keep up with all the moronic quotes on video and in print, such as the accusations from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other hyper liberals that the everyday Americans attending the town hall meetings are "Nazis," "mobsters" and the like, especially when it's there union allies and others who are causing physical violence. 

That's what makes this particular gentleman, David Hedrick, particularly special and eloquent. His two minute comment to Representative Brian Baird (D-Washington) refutes so much of the demgoguery from the left, exposes them for who they are, eloquently states the truth and gives voice to millions of Americans. This video speaks for itself.

You want real "Truth to Power"? Retired Marine David Hedrick has it for you.