Virginia News Stand: August 10, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations Perriello Promises; The Post Gives Deeds Lessons On Firing Up The Base

For a Monday, the news is kind of slow, but it is August, after all. It's that this August has been unconventionally busy because of the socialized medicine proposal — and the liberals' reaction to patriotic dissent — that we're not used to such a slow news day. However, that's not to say news wasn't made this weekend.

First, another poll showed Republican Bob McDonnell well out in front of Democrat Creigh Deeds. Then McDonnell gave the national GOP response to President Barack Obama's weekly radio/Internet address. Seeing McDonnell pull away, a desperate Deeds pulled out of the deck the abortion card. For a guy who doesn't even think partial birth abortion is wrong, and who changed his mind (to against) the Marriage Amendment, he has a lot of nerve calling anyone extreme.

Meanwhile, Freshman U.S. Representative Tom Perriello, a Democrat who represents the 5th Congressional District, got an earful over the socialized medicine bill at a town hall meeting. To his credit, he has pledged not to support a bill that pays for abortions. We shall see if he keeps his word.

A lot of the news was made in the opinion columns. The Washington Post's Robert McCartney says if Deeds really wants to fire up the lefty base, he must promise tax increases! That's right. Nothing better to excite the left than yet more redistribution of other people's hard-earned income! As for the other commentary pieces, analysis and national news articles, we know it's a lot, but it's a bumper crop today (some are short). Please take advantage to get superb insights on issues and the tactics each side us using to advance their points-of-view.


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