Virginia News Stand: August 17, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations The Monday Blues

It's the blues edition of the News Stand for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds as the Washington Post poll, notorious for its under polling of Republicans, has him down by 54-39 among likely voters. Of course, the spin coming out of his reshuffled campaign team is that he's only down seven points among all voters. Even if so, that means Senator Deeds needs to turn out his entire base — and more — just to get this thing down to within the margin of error. 

The big news nationally today is that the Obama administration — specifically, his Justice Department — is undermining its own case in seeking to dismiss a suit filed by homosexuals to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act. In papers filed with the court, the administration basically says, "The act is discriminatory but since it is a law, we have to defend it." Wow. That's real commitment to defending the law of the land! We'll have more on this tomorrow.

Meanwhile, all sorts of cranks, misfits, mobsters and domestic terrorists, who simply are exercising their constitutional right to petition their government, are justly getting Big Brother e-mails from the White House. After all, how dare they speak out about the "anointed one's" socialist utopia? Seriously, several columnists in Commentary share their thoughts on an administration that is against tracking real terrorists but don't hesitate to intimidate its own law abiding citizens — then deny it! Of course!  Transforming American, indeed.


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