Virginia News Stand: August 26, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations Or Should That Be "Putsch"? 

The state headlines are dominated by the controversy over Delegate Phil Hamilton. Read all about it. Apparently, a single delegate seat trumps coverage of the state wide races. Moving on . . .

In National News, the AP uncovers shocking news: Politics, believe it or not, has a role in where the porkulus bill money is spent! Imagine that! There's another observation — that Americans don't trust government to run health care. Wow! All sorts of breaking stories! In more serious news, former homosexuals win a D.C. court ruling, while Republicans in Arizona mull legal action to close its primaries, something conservatives in the Virginia GOP have fought to do for years. 

But the real fun today is in the Analysis and Commentary sections. All posts there deserve a look over today: There are reports documenting that abortion is a significant part of the "health care reform" bill; the model for the death panels is in place at the VA; the AARP's weasley ways; and the real way to bring down health care costs. Arm yourself for the debate.

Then there's Howard Dean, telling Americans that Republicans are undermining the country — on the heels of President Obama telling conservatives to shut up and get out of the way while campaigning for Creigh Deeds in Northern Virginia a few weeks ago. All this despite the Dems not being able to govern with their huge majorities. Perhaps Deann knows from experience, with all the undermining of the military, national security and the Bush administration he and uber-liberals perpetrated from 2001-2009.

Finally, speaking of misinformation . . . there's all that about the town hall meetings being a product of some sort of conservative plot to pack the meetings. While there is nothing to substantiate an organized effort, and liberals can't stand the thought of spontaneous dislike for their policies, there is an organized effort — from the president's own ground troops. The AP calls it a "push," but maybe it should be called a "putsch."


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