Virginia News Stand: August 27, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations To Heir Is Human; Liberal Education In A Nutshell

We lead off today with the Roanoke Times following up on the Washington Post's theory from earlier in the week (also, see 8/24 News Stand) — namely, that Governor Tim Kaine's popularity has taken such a beating, with his DNC escapades and all, that Democrat gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds is afraid to campaign as his heir. Funny, he was doing that only a few weeks ago. Socialized medicine is bad for one's political health, too.   

Also of note in the commonwealth, please see the Washington Times piece on U.S. Representative Jim Moran's town hall meeting. We also have video. Somehow, we're not surprised chaos would break out at a Moran event.

In Commentary, I strongly recommend Bart Hinkle's piece, in which the VEA president spouts off such idiocy as school choice is the new racism, about which my colleague Chris wrote today (here).

In National News, our friend, Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr., received attention by weighing in on the health care debate. He offers a solution that gets America back to its roots, and should be listened to. Speaking of that debate, Fox News reports, of all things, abortion may scuttle the grandiose socialist plan. Hmmm . . . thought people didn't care about those things. Meanwhile, those scholarly judges liberals think we don't need to reign in . . . one has ordered a child out of home schooling and into public schools for being overly Christian. Read it, if you don't believe it. As for that international liberal bastion, the U.N. — it recommends teaching masturbation to five-year-olds. Calling reform "racism," forcing children into schools they don't like and teaching masturbation — liberal education in a nutshell.


Is Deeds planning a Kaine mutiny? (Roanoke Times)

Small-business group endorses McDonnell (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

McDonnell vows to veto new taxes for transit (Washington Times)

North-South Ideological Split Poses Challenges for Candidates (Washington Post)

House candidate wants larger Hamilton investigation (The Daily Press)

CNU nonprofit hired Del. Phil Hamilton's wife (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Boos reign at Reston health care event (Washington Times)

National News:

Court orders Christian student to attend public school (

Churches, not government, seen as key to health reform (

Stimulus Funds Are Schools' Stopgap (Washington Post

Battle Brews Over Abortion in Health Care Fight (

U.N. Report Advocates Teaching Masturbation to 5-Year-Olds (


Choice Proponents Play a Solid Game (Bart Hinkle/Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Liberals and Racism (Elijah Friedeman/Rightly Concerned Blog)

U.N. Recommends Mandatory Sex Education for Kindergarterners (Rightly Concerned Blog


Rep. Moran's Reston town hall meeting (2:25) (Washington

Probably reflecting their Congressman's notorius "passion," who is honestly surprised something like this would happen where Rep. Moran is involved?