Virginia News Stand: August 6, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations Poll Numbers Dropping Hard And Fast. What's The Big Deal?

The ACLU engaged the debate over whether the Chesapeake City Council should be allowed to be begin its sessions in prayer, as we reported yesterday. The Norfolk Virginian-Pilot has it covered (including a mention of us). Check out the comments section after the Pilot article where the debate is going full force.

More polling numbers from Public Policy Polling show the President Barack Obama, socialized medicine plan in tow, under 50 percent in Virginia and Governor Tim Kaine much worse — 42 percent. Ouch! The triple-play of his secret DNC travels, the state's IT debacle and the continued missed revenue forecast sinking the budget into ever further red ink are taking it's toll on his numbers. The RNC hopes to capitalize on this by having GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell give the party's weekly radio rebuttal to the president. Why not? Only four years ago he was a state legislator himself.

Nationally, see how one Southern "pro-life" Congressman flipped to the dark side in two hours time. Real commitment there. Meanwhile, ObamaCare may pay for sex change operations. If it's going to pay to kill babies with taxpayer funded abortion, what's the big deal?  


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Kaine Asks Agencies to Cut at Least $700 Million (Washington Post)

National News: 

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From life to death in 2 hours flat (

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Sex-change-apalooza (Matt Barber/