Your Representative Or Senator Won't Have A Town Hall Meeting? Have Your Own!

Tony Perkins and company at the Family Research Council have an ingenious idea. If your U.S. representative nor either of the commonwealth's U.S. senators have a town hall meeting, host one yourself! FRC has everything you need via the links below. This ties in perfectly with the previous post on our Winning Matters campaign. Please forward this link to interested people. Read on: 

Download a Townhall Kit today and help host a Townhall Meeting on Health Care in your church or community

Help Organize a Health Care Townhall with Included Kit

August 25, 2009 | Share with Friends

In 1787, when the Constitutional Convention decided not to reform the weak Articles of Confederation but rather assemble a new constitution, they faced a tremendous challenge in gaining the support of the citizens of this young nation. The process lasted for months and included numerous public "townhall" type meetings. Many of these meetings were held in churches, moderated by prominent pastors.

Nearly two and a quarter centuries later, such involvement by churches is more urgent than perhaps ever before. Under the proposed health insurance scheme being advanced by President Obama and his allies in Congress, Americans would be compelled to:

• Pay for abortion on demand by financing insurance companies that pay for abortion services.

• Fund the leading provider of abortion in the nation, Planned Parenthood.

• Foot the bill for government panels that would foster the notion that self-termination (i.e., suicide) is a sound moral and financial option for the elderly.

• Pay for abortifacient contraceptives.

Additionally, the Obama proposal fails to protect vital conscience rights for health care providers, thereby exposing them to the threat of being required to perform abortion-related services.

We are calling on pastors and Christian leaders nationwide to hold forums in your churches where these matters can be discussed and exposed. And it's to that end that we are offering for download FRC Action's Townhall Kit — so that you can create your own townhall meeting, just as churches did more than two centuries ago, to inform and activate the people in your pews and communities.

Take a few moments to download and review the Townhall Kit. We are providing you with all the material you will need to conduct a powerful, respectful and informative event.

The Founders understood that without the churches of America, the new nation could never have been formed. Without the churches today, I would argue it cannot be sustained. Your role in this effort is critical, and thank you for all you are doing for our country and its future.

Download a Townhall Kit Today! [PDF]


Tony Perkins


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