40 And 50 Year-Old Deeds

Not surprisingly, in all the fuss over "the thesis" is the complete inattention given to Democrat gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds' flip flops on social issues. He's says he's not for abortion, but calls opposition to partial-birth abortion "extreme;" he was against "special rights" for homosexuals (his words in his own campaign ad), and now says anything but special rights for homosexuals is somehow discriminatory; and he voted for the Marriage Amendment twice in the General Assembly to place it before the voters, but now wants it repealed. We're waiting for the Mainstream Media to pin him down on this and/or for the senator to come clean on his own. After all, to paraphrase Senator Deeds himself, he didn't write these things when he was 34 — he wrote them, spoke them and voted them in his 40s and 50s.