It's so easy to get caught up in the beautiful weather this time of year, the beginning of school, football season, youth soccer games (and World Cup Qualifying!) and so many other things we're blessed with. We should. God put these things in place for His children to enjoy and by which to thank praise Him. This isn't a long, sullen patriotic post. But a short plea. Despite all that we have on our plate today, tonight . . . remember. Remember tomorrow. Remember always. It is never too much to take a short time out of your day or night, every now and then throughout the year, and remember, and pray. Pray for our country's protection, for our leaders (whoever they are) that they make the best and correct decisions for our protection. Pray for the safety and success of our military personnel and intelligence operators.

Pray also for the families of the survivors, that they may no longer be tormented by the atrocious actions of eight years ago; pray for the victims, both on the planes and in the buildings; and pray for the brave souls on Flight 93 who doubtless saved hundreds or thousands more lives by their brave-beyond-description heroics. Never take for granted our country, nor those who anonymously serve it so admirably in the shadow of the public glare.

Keep as your intentions that we remove the scars, but never forget the lessons, of 9/11. Remember. Pray.