Dems, Deeds Dis Hispanic Voters In Richmond?

Here are two photos that tell a story to which I was a witness. It's a story about the Richmond City Republican Committee, a small, but aggressive organization, and its Democrat counterpart, a large organization, that runs much of the city's political machinery. From the get-go of last Saturday's Que Pasa Festival, Richmond's largest Hispanic cultural event and party, the Richmond GOP was active putting up and distributing signs (in Spanish and English), handing out stickers and literature, and manning a booth, among other activities. The city Dems, up until 1:00 p.m. (an hour into the event), were pretty much M.I.A. A couple of college student-looking lads showed up around 12:45 and walked around with clipboards and not doing much else. At 1:00 they had a table stocked and somewhat staffed (the photo below was at 12:30). Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell and Republican attorney general candidate, Senator Ken Cuccinelli attended the event as well, and worked the crowd which received them warmly as city committee members followed them handing out stickers and information, and pointing out local media. To his credit, Democrat A.G. candidate Delegate Steve Shannon showed up for a while later in the day. But the city Dems (who left an hour early after showing up late), and their standard bearer, who claim to stand for so many minorities, seem to have taken the Richmond Hispanic vote for granted.

The moral of the story: Those who stereotypically report that one party or another writes off certain voters may be correct, but it may not be the one they claim — at the very least, the Richmond city GOP showed they don't take anyone for granted (and not for the first time). Might the Richmond Dems be doing what they accuse Republicans of doing?

(Admin's note: The pictures and "scoop" here was going to be an exclusive, but I waived my claim, and other blogs may have picked this up over the weekend.)

GOP table1

Apoyamos McDonnell, Bolling y Cuccinelli. Ready, willing and able. An underdog Richmond GOP took on its bigger opponent on their own turf.

Dem Table

Excuse me, anyone home? I'm looking for some Deeds material? Perhaps Wagner?