Huh? Even Liberal Media Can't Make Sense Of Deeds Answer; Or, Making John Kerry Proud

I post this without comment because I'm still baffled. First one who makes sense of this ramble wins a prize. But I doubt anyone will — when a liberal confuses even his media allies, it must be incomprehensible. Terribly incomprehensible — and all in three minutes!

Even reporters were confused in this post debate interview in Fairfax today with Democrat gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds: I will raise NEW money but won't raise taxes but ALL options are on the table, but I WON'T take money from the general fund , but I WILL sign a tax increase . . . .

After watching this a second, third and fourth time, I have to wonder if even John ("I voted for it before I voted against it") Kerry would understand this. It certainly is the most confusing political answer I've ever heard before or since the infamous Kerry remark.