It Must Be Postmarked By October 5, Or You Will Miss The Biggest Opportunity Of 2009!

Now we’re not talking about any prize winning sweepstakes — it’s much more important than that. We’re talking about the opportunity to make your voice heard for traditional values in the most important election in the nation this year and the most important Virginia election in modern history.

By making sure you, your friends, family and fellow church members are registered to vote and go to the polls on Election Day, you will help send a strong message that secular progressivism has no place in a nation founded on Judeo-Christian values.

You can also do a lot to help make sure others are registered. If you are a pastor, please hold a voter registration drive in your church and encourage your congregation to get registered. If you are not a pastor, please ask your pastor to allow you to run a voter registration drive in your church. We have kits available with everything you need to run such a drive, and can get those to you ASAP.

Also, churches can urge people to register and to vote by including an announcement in the church bulletin. Sample language for your bulletin can be found, here, on the TFF Action Website.

There are only three Sunday’s left before the voter registration deadline, so don’t let time run out!

In order to be eligible to vote in the November 3 election, all voter registration applications must be postmarked by no later than October 5.

So, make sure you are registered! Should you have any question as to whether or not you are, please go ahead and complete the application, closely following the instructions provided, and send it to your local registrar’s office. If you already are registered, your application will simply be discarded. However, please make no assumptions. Your voice is too important during this crucial time.

Should you need a voter registration application, or know people who do, please visit or, and there you will find a link to the State Board of Elections where an application can be downloaded, printed, completed, signed and mailed according to the instructions on the application.

If you have further questions about voter registration, please feel free to contact John Smith at or call him at 804-343-0010. We are glad to assist you.

Thousands have registered to have their voices heard this election year; make sure yours is one that will ring loud and clear for traditional values!