Marriage Penalty: If You Thought Creigh Was Confusing On Taxes, Listen To Him On Marriage!

Based on the massive amount of hits we've received on Creigh Deeds' ramble about raising "new" funds for transportation, but not raising taxes, but not ruling out any new funding source (it still makes me dizzy) . . . we thought you'd be interested in how he answered a question about his flip-flop on the Marriage Amendment (see original commentary here). You see, taxes aren't the only issue Creigh is confused on: He voted for the Marriage Amendment twice in the General Assembly, but now says he's against it, but he believes marriage is between a man and a woman, but it shouldn't be . . . oh good grief! Listen for yourself:

Taxes aren't the first or only time, nor will it be the last time Creigh Deeds zig-zags through an answer to a question on his record or what he plans to do if elected. Here, he has an incredible explanation of his Marriage Amendment flip flop.