New Term For Virginia Campaign Lexicon: "Buena Vista-Style Politics." Pictures Of Labor Day MisDeeds!

The term "Chicago thug politics" has been used to describe some events in national campaigns over the last two years or so — a conviction in the Midwest of a liberal activist who slashed tires on a conservative get-out-the-vote van on election day and all of the forged and made-up voter registration signatures from ACORN last year, come to mind. But after an eyewitness account and the pictures below were sent to me, we may have a new term for campaign misDeeds.

Although less physically intimidating than tire slashing and not quite the level as felony vote fraud, it seems liberal activists are practicing a more deft style intimidation in this year's statewide elections. It may not have started at the traditional Labor Day Parade in Buena Vista, but it was well documented there. Thus, the term, "Buena Vista-Style Politics." However, as the campaign now heats up, we're sure this kind of activity is only the tip of the Angry Left Spear.

Here is the eyewitness account:

Basically, McDonnell and Bolling's crews came in early on Saturday/Sunday to set up signs in preparation for the parade. Deeds' crew, plus purple shirted SEIU folks, acted overnight Sunday to cover those signs with Deeds' signs, sometimes stapling signs over the top of the big 4x8 foot signs. The locals said they'd never seen anything like it in all the years that they've been having this event. Chicago thug style politics have arrived in Va.

. . . . see how Deeds signs covered all of McD's signs. This was EVERYWHERE. It was truly a disgraceful display, with the Dirty Deeds crew in all their full regalia. I have started to refer to the CreighP Deeds' sign with the blue stripe with the white stripe down the middle as 'the road to nowhere' sign. Sigh.


Before: This baseball backstop is dominated by signs for the GOP statewide candidates and Delegate Ben Cline. Notice that Democrat gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds only has signs on the second row and a few small signs (appropriately) on the left side.


 After: Everything but the top row Bob McDonnell signs and one Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli sign are covered with the small Deeds signs. Union muscle at work for Deeds.

Also FWIW one of the Bolling volunteers told my husband that Sunday night while they were putting up signs one SEIU type held a crowbar and shouted, 'Who wants to get their ass kicked by a liberal?' Lovely.


 Here, two large Bill Bolling signs, obviously there first, were covered up by lefty union workers for Deeds and delegate candidate Jeff Price.

We also have pictures of another instance of Deeds' crew standing guard while others plant his signs in front of prepositioned McDonnell signs. We hope to get them up later.

Furthermore, thanks to Bearing Drift, we have this picture of a large McDonnell sign defaced with Deeds stickers. But what makes this distasteful is that the Deeds crew went on to a McDonnell supporter's private property in the Hampton Roads area to do their mischief — and was caught! According to Bearing Drift, one of the red-handed begged that the police not be called, while another of the perps was recognized as a paid Deeds Hampton Roads staffer.

Hampton Roads McD sign deface

Doing dirty deeds but begging for mercy. What else do you expect from liberals?   

So, as the boys from South Park would say, "We've learned something today." We've learned that despite what we're taught, the early bird ethic and initiative have no place in liberalism. Be lazy, but use your muscle, and overcome others' hard work. Then, expect a double standard, because it's due you (for no discernible reason) and not be held to account for you illegal actions. I can't think of anything better that exemplifies what we see in liberal policies than in Buena Vista-Style Politics.