President Genius

From the man who tells those who disagree with him to "shut-up" and that they spread "lies," and worshipped by those who adulate him as the world's smartest man, let's look at one of his many, shall we say, nonsensical statements last night:

(But first, have we ever had a president who relentlessly hammers job creators, as if they are the enemy?)

This man said government run health care (which he said wouldn't be government run health care) would lower costs for everyone, but then had the audacity to lecture (i.e., threaten) insurance companies that under this "reform" they would be mandated to cover the entirety of a policy holder's medical costs. Hmmm. How does he expect insurers' to come up with that funding (absent the authority to tax and print, as he has, of course)? Ummm, perhaps by raising premiums? But do that enough and — ooops! — no more customers and the business goes under. 

Of course, in the age of Obama, that's good! It's just one more evil industry disposed of, driving millions into the much more welcoming and loving arms of government care — run, by his own admission, like the post office! I can't fathom this man's genius!

Putting the private sector out of business and driving taxpayers into the incompetent arms of the government. It only sounds better with the teleprompter, but the truth of its nonsense comes out with or without one.