Watch This Now, Before It's Pulled!

Thanks to our friends at Bearing Drift who posted this earlier today, we now have the Mark Warner/Creigh Deeds television ad that the Deeds campaign pulled quicker than a Usain Bolt sprint. You see, it's all about Mark Warner saying Creigh Deeds will continue the policies he (Warner) started as governor and that Deeds believes in low taxes. Experts at M.I.T. can't calculate how many things are wrong with this ad. First, Warner raised taxes by the largest amount in Virginia history. Second, if you go by Deeds' previous ads, he's for lower taxes, which makes Warner's proclamation, shall we say, inconsistent, with his own policies as governor. But if you go by Deeds' media interviews and debate statements, he's for higher taxes. (See this post debate interview!)

Third, in case no one heard, Democrat Senator Edd Houck, one of the highest ranking budget writers in the General Assembly, wrote last week that no tax increase is necessary! (See here.)

Fourth, where's Tim Kaine? Off on another trip? (See video here.) Why won't Deeds use him in his ads?

No matter the answers to these questions, we highly recommend you watch this now. The Deeds campaign already pulled it off television. It only may be seconds before it's pulled from YouTube.

A still more confusing twist on Creigh Deeds' tax policy. At least this time, even he knows it's not too clear (see video), so he's pulled this ad from television.