Olympic Failure! "Anointed One" Not So Miraculous After All!

He was supposed to create healing among the nations, cease the riffs among his countrymen and heal all wounds real and imagined. Instead, he's made each worse.  Now, today, in one of the most miscalculated political missteps in history, the "anointed one," Barack Obama, went to his base in Europe to triumphantly receive the 2016 Summer Olympics bid from the International Olympic Committee for the Daley Machine as payback to his hometown political cronies. He failed. But he succeeded in diminishing the Office of the Presidency. Simply humiliating.

In fact, Chicago finished last, the first city eliminated in the round-by-round voting. How could his political advisers let him go not knowing the outcome?

So, here's the president who can't negotiate the Olympics for Chicago, but he can negotiate the Iranians into giving up their nukes? Ha!

Meanwhile, in case you didn't hear, unemployment rose to 9.8 percent this morning. But Barack Obama has more important things to do, like be in Europe for sports. Wait! Maybe the jobless rate is why he wanted to be in Europe for sports.