Substantiating The Ad

To add a bit to the ad in the previous post, please see this interview with Creigh Deeds. Many of you probably have. When I first found it on YouTube about three weeks ago and posted it here, it had about 200-300 views. Now it has about 1,400! (I'm not aware of any other blog that has posted it, or at least not before us.) But for those who haven't seen it, Senator Deeds' answers rival that of his infamous tax increase press gaggle, which has more than 50,000 views (we were one of the first to post that, too). But why not try to catch this one up?

Exactly what does marriage mean, senator? 

Now, let's go back to the beginning and hear Senator Deeds say it to the worldwhen I wanted to get re-elected to the Senate of Virginia, I was pro-marriage; now that I'm running for governor, I'm not.

Marriage: Senator Deeds really was for it before he was against it.