The Deeds Dodge: First The Marriage Amendment, Then Taxes, Now Government Run Health Care

It seems as if the fun at a Virginia gubernatorial debate isn't at or during the performance, but after it. We all remember Democrat Creigh Deeds' post debate performance in Fairfax, where it took him more than three minutes to zig-zag through enough contortions on the tax increase issue to make Plastic Man look rigid (see here). Prior to that, though not at a debate, Senator Deeds was incomprehensible in explaining what marriage meant (see here). But if you thought those were bad, wait to you hear Senator Deeds' response to a question on  government run health care, otherwise known as "the public option," after last night's debate at Roanoke College. It only took him 50 seconds to explain his position(s).

I'm not for a public option, but I'm for all options, I'm not for it, but I won't rule it out. Am I clear?