Europeans Warn Us Against Government-Run Health Care

I think it's written somewhere that one of the signs of the Apocalypse is government heavy Western Europeans warning America about the dangers of government-run/nationalized/socialist health care and against adopting said government-run/nationalized/socialist health. Certainly, the creation of such an abomination would live up to one of Barack Obama's campaign promises: Transforming America. But most Americans are saying, "no thanks," to that type of change because, quite frankly, they rightly see no hope in it. Eline (pronounced "a-lane-a") van den Broek of Holland and the European Independent Institute, in this video for the Center for Freedom and Prosperity, explains in a crystal clear, by the numbers approach, why such a system is doomed to fail — and has failed wherever it has been tried.

Warning from Europe: Don't do it like us, America!